Only the

X-6 Speaker system

meets all your


The X-6 Speaker system has all the qualities you may expect.
The X-6 works 
exceptionally well in all weather conditions. The
expected life span will be approximately 15 years and you will
have a 2 years warranty. 



Suitable for inside                                         

and outside

Flexible mounting


Adjustable output

Durable top quality


Technical data

Due to the special form and materials the X-6
is not only water-resistant, but also unaffected by seawater and water temperature up to 80

The X-6 has flexible mounts. You can choose from vertical or horizontal mounts
by using top, bottom or middle mounts.

The X-6 delivers your message loud and clear through directionalization of the sound.

The X-6 delivers the best quality year after year, even in rooms with sound barriers

The X-6 is available in black and grey.

Transformer range    1.3 / 2.8 Watt
Impedance.                  7.8 / 3.9 kOhm
Frequency range.       170 - 16.000 Hz (+5 / -10dB
Sensitivity                     102 dBA  (1 Watt / 1 kHz octaaf / 1 mtr.)
Nett. weight.                7.9 Kg
Demensions.                906 x 164 x 95 mm